AWIN: AWareness and INtegration

Welcome to AWIN!

AWIN is a system for personal development, based on awareness of multiple levels of reality. AWIN promotes accurate perception, facilitating more effective observations, choices and actions on all levels.

AWIN is so named because two of its primary purposes are the development of accurate AWareness of multiple levels of reality and the INtegration of personal consciousness. The beginner AWIN course focuses primarily on awareness and astral travel. When people astral travel, they leave their physical body and go places. When out of the body, a person can learn to perceive, and take action.

Everyone is subconsciously aware of the etheric level of reality, but we are taught from early childhood that such perceptions are "imagination" or "make-believe". This is unfortunate because life can be much richer and more effective when a person has awareness of the etheric, astral, and higher levels of reality. The AWIN system guides a person through the development of awareness of other levels. Accuracy is enhanced by following the system, but feedback from one or more teachers and other students is highly recommended. The use of imagination is good, but only when you can tell it apart from reality. Always check the accuracy of your perceptions whenever you can do so.

If you have interest, I recommend that you read about me, Jack and about the topics I can teach.