AWIN: AWareness and INtegration


I was born in Michigan in the USA. As a teenager, I studied science and math. I had my first psychic experience at age 18. I didn't learn more about it until I was in graduate school at the University of Michigan. In 1972, I learned to meditate, and began to study the Qabalah. In 1972, I also developed a simple experiment that provides proof that some forms of astrology are valid.

By the time I finished my PhD in Computer Science, I had learned how to astral travel. Unforunately (or fortunately) I ran into an evil group on one of my astral trips. I don't mean a "bad" group. I mean babies sacrificed on the altar true evil. I had to work really hard and fast to deal with them. I quickly learned what is commonly called the "Banishing Ritual" as well as other self-defense techniques. Properly done, the ritual creates a safe place where you can rest and do other things safely. I learned how to communicate with the 4 cardinal archangels: Raphael, Michael, Gabriel and Auriel, and they began to teach me things, including fighting techniques. I learned Qabalistic Path Working, and Worked all of the Paths, getting to know all of my parts of consciousness in the process.

After I got to know my Spirit (the highest part of consciousness), he began to give me Work to do. At first, I just thought that he was deeply caring and good. I did various Work for him until 1987, when I learned that he was merely passing on assignments from God. I was totally honored to serve God, and I slowly learned to communicate with God directly. I still Work for and with God.

I have learned many things over the years. In the early 80's, I learned to remember my past lives selectively. I began to work with power spots. I went through both the 1st and 2nd Dark Nights of the Soul.

Around 1994, the archangels told me that I was a master. I have continued to learn and grow.

I wrote a fundamental physics book, Science Restored, to help scientists to realize how limited modern science is, and what they could do to investigate more of the reality in which we all exist. You can find Science Restored on Amazon.

I wrote most of a fundamental psychology book, but have not published it. This psychology book documented what I knew about human consciousness with knowledge and techniques that could revolutionize all fields of psychology. I have not published it because I fear that it is too advanced for psychologists at this time.

In 2017, I retired and moved to Teotihuacan in Mexico. I am always learning and growing, and I still teach. If you are interested in communicating or a class, send me your contact information here.

A Master

A master is an adept who teaches. I work with many discarnate masters and archangels, and I have developed to be quite advanced. Around 2010, I learned some things that are normally only known by gods. When I tried to teach those techniques to others, I immediately found that most discarnate masters are corruptible. You know the saying: "power currupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely." However, I also found that the most advanced masters are not corruptible. In fact, I have worked with many discarnate masters who moved far beyond this state of incorruptibility. There is no end to learning!